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About Us

About Us

Leading MEMS design and manufacturing process

Mixed design team, the depth of industrial experience

Long-term customer relationship and market foresight

Complete R & D and manufacturing system

We are developers and manufacturers of MEMS sensors for automotive industry

As a Sino-German joint venture, we always uphold the ultimate pursuit of quality, rigorous work style and unremitting innovation spirit. We always provide our clients with suitable solutions and provide the power for automation and intelligence of AC.

WESTBART’s core competencies are MEMS sensor technology, plasma technology and automotive interior and exterior lighting control technology. Sensors are the neurons of the electronic system, and our exhaust sensors can quickly detect vehicle exhaust and automate the air flow control of car air conditioning. Plasma technology is used in many cutting-edge fields, which we use to clean up the air in the car and improve the physiological state of the driver. The interior and exterior lights are a combination of electronics and optics,we provide the perfect high-end lighting control parts in both technology and aesthetics.These technologies also have many applications in the industrial and consumer products sectors, such as industrial and domestic air conditioning systems.

At the core of our success is the long-term commitment to product research and development, continuous upgrading of existing products, and through strict quality management and advanced manufacturing, to fully meet the requirements of the automotive industry.